AGM Members’ Gallery Exhibition

Society plans a post-lockdown Gallery Exhibition once Coronavirus restrictions ease

When the Government finally gives us the go-ahead to unlock ourselves from the virus lockdown, St Albans Art Society is planning to rearrange the AGM postponed from 6th May, to which members will be invited to bring along one painting completed during the time stay-at-home restrictions were in place. These works of art will be displayed around the meeting room where we will all have the opportunity of viewing the canvases and chatting, informally, with the artists.

A Lockdown Gallery is the idea of our Chairman, Edward Bevin, one afternoon when he was working in his studio on a skyscape/seascape canvas. "The thought crossed my mind that Vincent Van Gogh produced about 130 paintings during the year May 1889-May 1890 when he was in lockdown in an asylum in southern France," said Edward. He also considered the great Italian artist Caravaggio (1571-1610) who faced imprisonment on several occasions for serious offences and he may well have painted during his incarceration.

As soon as we can, the Society will give further details of what is planned. In the meantime, happy painting!