Anna Kolos

Artist statement

I am a UK-based professional modern artist with Russian roots; a bright presenter of the contemporary European art school of painting. Educated at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (2000-2007), I have continued my creative experiments during the following ten years in different artistic projects.

In my creations I focus on displaying personal emotions through the power of a rich palette. I desire to show infinite texture, elegant composition and a fascinating style. Admiration for richness of palette moves me to create original paintings in a plethora of colours, blending harmony, drama, presence and dissolution in each work. As a professional, I portray various genres: portrait, landscape, still life, modern conversation pieces and abstract art to name a few.

To achieve the highest point of expression I use different techniques and a wide variety of mediums: sanguine sketches and drawing; acrylics and oils, woodcut prints on canvas, in combination with mixed media… among many others. Growing through my investigations I have created my own original techniques, which I present for the audience’s appreciation.

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