How the Risograph Robin was created

The picture for the 2021 Christmas Greetings slide on the home page was made from a preparatory sketch for a watercolour; the pencil drawing was scanned into a computer and used as a tracing layer to turn it into a risograph-style image using the technique described by Asahi Nagata.  It should be possible to re-create the method in all good quality design or drawing Apps which use layers. Note that the colours are closely aligned to the CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) subtractive colour model for printing. Black, or key, has been added for the robin’s eye, beak, and legs to make it a CMYK like colour model.

The result of this process is electronic graphic art in its own right.  However, the same principles of using layers of different single colours in a computer application could be used to conceptualise projects for traditional printing techniques before consuming any media.  For example, screen printing and linocut, using semi translucent media, would be prime examples of techniques that could be tried on a tablet or computer first.

The original pencil sketch..

..the finished risograph-style image..

..and to complete the story, the pencil sketch worked up into a watercolour.

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