Exhibition 2024 – Entry Rules and Guidelines

Venue: Upper Dagnall Street,Baptist Church,
St Albans, AL3 5EE

Here is the Exhibition application form

Key Dates

  • Entries in by: Sat 22nd June
  • Handing in: Mon 22nd July 3-6.30pm
  • Private View: Tues 23rd July 7-9pm
  • Exhibition open: Wed 24th-Sat 27th July 10-5.30pm
  • Collection of Work: Sun 28th July 2-4pm


  • Entry open to Full and Student Members only
  • All Media and Ceramics except Photography or Digital Art.
  • Artists may not remove work until the end of the Exhibition
  • Sold Work remains in Situ except Browser work which can be taken at sale
  • Each exhibitor is expected to help/steward. Please call Jan 07414631995 to book.
  • Commission on all sales is 20%

Framed Work

  • Ideally longest side should be no larger than 32” (if you have larger work please contact us before entering).
  • Min price £50
  • Only one item marked NFS
  • On the back correct framing tape only. No Masking tape or Sellotape
  • Edges, Pins or staples to be sealed.
  • Wire or chord only. No string or wool. Wire not loose or too long.
  • D rings attached 1/3 way down on the Frame
  • Tape around hanging wire ends as they are sharp!
  • Label with Title, Artist name, Medium and Price(or NFS) (add if St Albans trophy piece)

Unframed and reproductions

  • No Box Canvases
  • No Clingfilm. Cellophane only
  • Min price £20
  • Label on top left front. Artist, Title, Medium, Price.
  • For reproductions unique copy number and signature on the print. Add to Label that it is a reproduction of an Original in whatever medium was used.


  • Each single item will have a catalogue number
  • Each piece will need an identifying label attached out of view.
  • Min Price £20


  • Max number 100. All priced at £2.50 each. No entry fee if you have other work entered. Bring Stand if you have one
  • If ONLY entering cards there is an entry fee of £10

Special Exhibits this year
Theme 12" x 12"

  • There is no fee to enter but you must have at least one other piece of work entered into the main exhibition
  • You may enter 1 piece at the start which can be replaced if it sells.
  • These pieces will not be catalogued so:
  • Work to be 12”x 12” unframed and unmounted and made on a box canvas or cradled wood panel.
  • Edges need to be clean and tidy
  • hanging wire is essential
  • The Society will take 10% of the sale price and 10% will be donated to a local CHARITY
  • Selling price can range from £50-£120