St Albans Art Society Committee

Acting Committee 2020-2021

The Acting SAAS Committee video-conferencing during the COVID-19 Restrictions. Left to Right.

Top Row: Gordon Bridges, Janet King, Margaret Channon, Kim Lawrence

Middle Row: Edward Bevin, Valerie Chivers, Iris Green, Clare Timmis

Bottom Row: Janet Blackham, Sally Griffiths

  • Chairman Edward Bevin
  • Vice Chairman Sally Griffiths
  • Secretary Margaret Channon
  • Treasurer Valerie Chivers
  • Membership Secretary Janet Blackham
  • Minutes Secretary Clare Timmis
  • PRISM Editor Janet King
  • Lectures & Demonstrations Programme Secretary Sally Griffiths
  • Workshops Programme Secretaries Kim Lawrence and Iris Green
  • Website Manager Gordon Bridges 
The 2019-2020 Committee

The Annual General Meeting on 1st May 2019 elected the new committee for 2019-2020 as follows

Back row L to R
  • Janet King - PRISM Editor
  • Jan Munro - Supporting Member
  • Gina Dunstan - Supporting Member
  • Sue Bergquist - Lectures & Demonstrations Programme Secretary
  • Valerie Chivers - Secretary
  • Sandie Ford - Vice Chair
  • Margaret Channon - Minutes Secretary
  • Sally Griffiths - Workshops Programme Secretary
Front row L to R
  • Tracey Gent - Treasurer
  • Janet Blackham - Membership Secretary
  • Edward Bevin - Chairman