Jim Morgan

Artist statement

I paint in watercolour, acrylic and oil depending on the subject matter and the mood. In all my painting I try to capture the moment in time, and the sense of light and atmosphere of the place so that the viewer can share in my experience. A lot of my recent work has been very nautically focused, but over the next year I look forward to working on more abstracted landscapes and shorelines.

For me, watercolours are my go-to summer medium as I spend most weekends sailing on the East coast of the UK, and my handmade brass watercolour pallet, a few brushes and half dozen quarter sheets of paper are so much easier to pack and handle on the boat. What is more, they dry quickly and don’t smell; the cabin of a sailing boat is a small space for wet oil panels which won’t dry for days! During autumn and winter, I focus mainly on oils and landscapes, working in my studio.

The excitement of painting has once again got a grip, as now my everyday working life gets in the way of my painting... the time has arrived to set out on a new career!

Contact details


Instagram: @jimmorganart

Youtube: Brasspaintboxcompany & Morgansartworks

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